Dell - SofPoint® Retail Pack [BLUE]

Dell - SofPoint® Retail Pack [BLUE]


SofPoint® caps are Original Equipment replacements for worn-out or missing caps on your Dell portable computing device pointing stick.



    • Latitude C-400; C-500; C-510; C-600; C-610; C-640; C-800; C-820; C-830; C-840

    • Latitude D-400; D-410; D-420; D-430; D-500; D-510; D-520; D-530; D-531; D-600; D-610; D-620; D-630; D-640; D-800; D-810; D-820; D-830; D-840; XT; XT2

    • Inspiron 370; 600M; 610M; 2650; 3800; 4000; 4100; 4150; 8200; 8500; 8600

  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits SQUARE point stick models ONLY

  • SUPPORT: SofPoint® original equipment caps are supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

  • HIGHLIGHTS: This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure that it will work with your Dell portable computing device pointing stick.

  • CAP REPLACEMENT: Pull old cap straight up to remove.  Align the recess in the bottom of the new SofPoint® cap to the pointing stick post and press down firmly.

  • TECHNICAL SPECS: Convex Shape / 29 Nub Design / Very Firm Feel

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