Q: Can I get SofPoint® in other colors?

A: SofPoint® is currently available in the colors listed on our product order pages.

Q: How do I clean the SofPoint®?

A: SofPoint® resists the buildup of body oil and dirt. If you believe that it is a little slippery, you can just wipe it with a clean finger or cloth. If you choose to clean the SofPoint® use only soap and water.

Q: How do I remove my old cap?

A: To remove your old pointing stick cap just grip the cap firmly and pull straight up.

Q: How do I install my new SofPoint®?

A: The proprietary resin formulation of the SofPoint® tends to grip the pointing stick. To install your SofPoint®, make sure to orient the stem cavity with the pointing stick and PRESS DOWN FIRMLY.

Q: How often should I replace SofPoint®?

A: For optimum performance, we recommend replacing SofPoint® every 4 to 6 months, more often with heavy use.

Q: What SofPoint® fits my device?

A: SofPoint® caps fit most laptops, mini-laptops, keyboards and other point-stick-equipped devices. Click HERE to order.

Q: What if SofPoint® touches my laptop’s screen?

A: SofPoint® should not touch most screens under normal operating conditions. However, as notebooks, micro-notebooks and tablet PCs become thinner, SofPoint® may touch the screen if the lid is compressed beyond normal. The unique SofPoint® geometry and proprietary resin will compress to help avoid screen damage if the lid is accidentally pressed down onto it.

Q: Why are there multiple SofPoint® sizes?

A: There are a variety of manufacturers that make and use pointing stick equipped keyboards and devices. Since the size of the pointing sticks vary, multiple SofPoint® sizes exist to accommodate each device.